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High Performance Team Building


Integrity. Commitment. Honesty. Trust. Passion. These are some values and pillars that lead to high performance; that take ordinary teams into extraordinary. We work along side your values and mission in the organization, to elevate your teams into new levels of performance.

Whether itís a cross functional team, sales teams or your executive leadership team, Team Summit has expertise in all areas of corporate environments, from small privately held companies to Fortune 100 industry leaders. We also have experience dealing with multiple levels within organizations, ensuring communication and vision is communicated to all levels. We have over 50 years of combined corporate experience which allows us to not only empathize with your current situations but also provide real, tangible reports and results for action-oriented changes, visible in the workplace. Plus, weíll even have some fun along the way.

If you like to camp, hike, climb, walk or do any activity outdoors, youíll appreciate our structure to improving performance. This includes discovering and exploring who you are in group dynamics and how you show up as a leader. It prepares you for the next step in the performance journey.

Discover Phase - Who are you? What makes you tick? What motivates you? What wake do you leave behind? How do you communicate information and your vision?

We use the latest tools to help you have as much information as possible, on not only yourself but your team members as well.

But who wants another report you canít implement action from? Not us. Thatís why we are certified in the Extended DISC profiling tool. This tool is immeasurably helpful in the corporate environment in terms of learning about behaviors and strengths of your key team players. We offer extensive coaching and communication workshops for your organization to best take advantage of what this tool has to offer.

Certified in using the newest tool from DISC, the Extended DISC tools. The reports vary from a personal analysis to job analysis and team analysis. The tools are so easy to use and provide a wealth of information about individual and team performance information.

Extend DISC is a set of seven integrated tools that starts with an assessment report. The report is so easy, it only takes about 10 minutes on line and then the professionals at Team Summit review the report and key implications with you individually or as a team, whichever fits within your organization.

The system really answers critical questions like: How do we use this valuable information to improved performance? What are the specific behavioral requirements for this job that will produce the desired results?

  • Extended DISC personal analysis - under this analysis, additional reports are also available ( see below)
    • Job analysis
    • 360 survey tool
    • Work pair analysis
    • Team analysis

Additional reports available under the personal analysis are leadership style, management style, customer service style, sales style, project management style, team style, training style, information technology, entrepreneurial and administrative style.

We use this tool as a backbone in our coaching programs as well as new team programs.

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