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About US

Mission Statement

Our core methodology. We believe you canít change and grow unless youíre conscious. Thatís where we come in. Welcome to camp Discover. As you climb the summit in your own personal development journey, youíll go through camps, very much like climbing a mountain. Not a mountain climber? Thatís ok, we make this easy. Weíre your guide, and weíll work with you to plan out your journey and make sure not only you arrive safely, but you reach your goals and grow not only yourself, but leaders around you in the process. We get real and talk about whatís important and where you want to go. Whatís stopping you physically and mentally. Ready to chart your course? Letís get rolling.


Some of our philosophies:

  • You canít learn anything new if youíre committed to staying where you are
  • We are dedicated to leaders and teams moving forward
  • Lifeís a journey and an adventure - Live it!
  • Leadership is hard and rewarding - if it was easy, everyone would be one
  • Positive momentum is a result of positive thinking, commitment and passion
  • You will always be tested between what is right and what is easy

We are committed to helping people realize who they want to be and what they want to achieve in all areas of their lives.

We coach leaders to create powerful teams, legacies and leaders around them.

Food for Thought!