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Leadership Development

Reach Your Peak

People. Your greatest asset. As a leader, your biggest challenge. Finding the best people, motivating them and aligning them with the organization's vision and purpose can be tough. Team Summit specializes in customized high performance teambuilding and leadership development programs, working with organizations that are ready to take on a new level of performance. Leadership programs catapult leaders to the next peak of leadership and executive re-invention.

When you're ready to step up to the edge and discover vast new ways to improve your leadership style and impact your business, seek the skilled experts at Team Summit. Comprised of the industry's best trainers, coaches, communicators and motivators from business and training backgrounds, Team Summit builds and customizes the team that will most effectively coach your management and executive leaders. By specializing in business and management consulting, with the focus on communications, Team Summit gets people literally outside to experience new ways of thinking and working together to succeed as a team and individually.

We are your guides on the path to self-discovery and uncovering all you're capable of. Whether we work with you one-on-one over a period of time in our executive coaching programs or we come in to jumpstart your meeting, you will leave that experience in a new place and full of potential. Today and on down the road, we'll be here to put you on track for success.

Team Summit will:

  • Provide leadership/management retreats
  • Align management to new philosophies
  • Motivate leadership to motivate their teams
  • Provide new executive and leadership coaching programs
  • Establish 360 feedback tools
  • Learn effective communication through Team DISC
  • Provide leadership assessment - what type of leader are you?
  • Explain the difference between managing and leading - when to do what?
  • Present the 5 stages of highly successful teams - where is yours and how to get it moving forward?
  • Learn to lead and manage through change
  • Learn to develop, reinvent, and transform leadership

In your organization, you have a collection of different individuals, each with unique talents. Team Summit will help you and your teams realize we all have the ability to transform ourselves into better, more capable human beings simply by understanding others and ourselves better.

We specialize in leadership development; after all, leaders are key to your organization's success. Whether you need a partner in coaching and development, or new tools for management success, we'll partner with you to make sure your leaders are those with vision and those that others follow.

We help leaders move glaciers.

Ready to reach your summit? Contact Team Summit. Hurry -- it's your life.

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