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Leadership Development

Programs for Emerging Leaders

Developing your rising stars. Your new managers. Your top performers moving from an individual contributor model to a managing and leading model. We provide contextual training, followed by mentoring coaching programs so your new leaders have tools in their toolkit to help them succeed in your organization. Our coaching programs are recommended to coincide with these customized programs:

Management Series

Should I attend??? Yes, if you are a new manager or a manager moving from one team to another. Are you ready to take your performance to the next level? Ready to learn what behaviors work and what behaviors are consistent with high performance and how to hone your skills?

Camp I Communicating Powerfully

  • Communication with different techniques to maximize impact
  • Using Extended DISC to enhance communication and results

Camp II Converting Conflict to Contribution

Camp III Discover your inner power

Camp IV Preparing for success

  • Stretching your comfort zone

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