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Leadership Development

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What is coaching?

  • A way to work instantly with people, utilizing probative and powerful, dynamic questions, to enable them to find the answers themselves. Coaching is equipping people with the tools to discern the real issues at work and then to employ the right actions to best deal with the realities they face
  • Executive coaching is used in the corporate environment and is tied directly to personal improvement and increased productivity that in turns pays off handsomely for the organization
  • Coaching can have dramatic short term impact but the reality is that it will take from 6-12 months of quality coaching to make sustainable changes.
  • It’s about individual planning, goal setting and achieving goals. It’s about personal discovery and enlightenment and realizing your full potential.

Why coaching for your organization?

  • Lower your turnover of those you truly value by 1-2%. Bradford Smart, in his book “Top Grading” states turnover of good people can cost an organization up to 24 times their salary.
  • Return on investment. You will sense a new energy and vitality to your organization. Coaching helps you get the most out of your most valuable asset.

We challenge leaders to take on what's next in their lives. We teach leaders how to enroll others in their vision and produce extraordinary results.

Whatever your personal goals are, we are the coach for you. We are human behavior specialists. We are certified in a seven step behavioral coaching model that is designed to not address the symptoms, but get to the behavior under the actions. That way, we can address the behaviors to have them align with the goals of the person and the organization. Providing sustainable growth and change to individuals benefiting the organization.

Strong Mind-n-Body

Wait, there’s more. What? A strong body? And mind. Our core philosophy. You see, they are connected. We believe that when you’re wired for excellence it starts in your mind and shows up in your behaviors and body. So, that means we’ll also address your stress quotient, your healthily and unhealthy outlets and your workout, wellness or exercise plan. Haven’t exercised in a decade? That’s ok, we work with ex collegiate and top world performing athletes and well, those who think getting the mail is cardio. We’ll get your mind-n-body in shape for tip top performance.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching programs are designed for executive level partners, presidents and general big wigs. Work one on one with a coach designed with your goals and objectives in mind. You will have access to a corporate coach, who will work with you to enhance your performance, embrace your blind spots and work through them with rigor.

Grow. Develop. Inspire. Excel. That's our motto. Our executive coaching programs start at six months and will be custom designed to fit your busy life.

Management Coaching

Our management coaching programs are designed for managers and directors who manage a variety of people, responsibilities and regions. What do you want your leadership style to be? How do you create it? What holds you back? We focus on human behavior. What behaviors are serving you and which ones are not? You and your coach will embark on uncharted territory in your coaching program which starts at six months.

Add a Strong Mind-n-Body component to all programs and a certified fitness trainer will customize a workout plan and also meet you in your gym (anywhere in the world) for a personalized, kick your butt workout.

Food for Thought!